Entrepreneurs Circle Unlimited Event Pass 2019

Terms & Conditions

  1. Primary Passholder

    An In-person Unlimited Pass can only be used to book and gain entry to events by a single named individual, (the ‘Passholder’ or ‘Primary Passholder’)

  2. Not Transferable

    An In-Person Pass is not transferrable to any other individual or business. It cannot be ‘shared around’.

  3. Length of Pass/Validity

    All Unlimited Passes are valid for 12 months from 1st January 2019 or date of purchase, whichever is latest.

  4. In-Person Unlimited Pass includes:

    • In-person attendance at all Celebrity Success Summits, Nigel’s Master Classes, Wednesday Workshops, PI Journey’s and The Implementors.

    • Livestream access - on a single device - to any and all events.

    • Access to the recordings of events - on a single device.

    • Essential EC membership for the named person.

  5. Livestream Only Unlimited Pass

    A Livestream Only Unlimited Pass may only be used by the named individual who is designated on the pass, on a single device. It includes:

    • Viewing of live streamed events as they occur by the named person and their team – but only on a single device.

    • Access to the recordings of events - on a single device.

  6. Upgrading a Livestream Only Pass

    Livestream Only Unlimited Passholders who wish to attend an event in person will need to purchase an ‘in person’ ticket for that event or upgrade to a full Unlimited In Person pass at full price.

    When Upgrading to an Unlimited In Person Pass 100% of the monies paid for the Livestream Only will be credited if the upgrade takes place within 3 months of the initial purchase. That credit will reduce to 50% if the upgrade takes place between 3 and 6 months from purchase, and to 25% if the upgrade takes place between 6 and 9 months from the original purchase. No credit will be available for upgrades taking place 9 months or longer after the original purchase.

  7. Additional Half Price Unlimited In-Person passes

    Second or subsequent Guest Passes can be purchased for use by current employees of the business (i.e must be on payroll) or directors of the same business, or life partner/spouse of the primary Passholder.

    Guest Passes are not for named individuals and can be shared between staff although each Guest Pass provides for only one place at each Event and any attendee must be an employee or Director or life partner of the primary Passholder at the time of the Event.

  8. Downloads & Sharing

    Livestream and/or recordings must not be downloaded or copied or shared with anyone outside of your business. Breach of this will result in your Pass being terminated with no refund and you may face prosecution for breach of copyright.

  9. Copyright

    Your rights as a Passholder do not entitle you to copy or share any of the material with anyone outside of your business.

  10. Booking/Registering for Events:

    Pass holders can book onto an unlimited number of events, during the period that their In-Person Pass is valid.

    All bookings must be made through the EC Booking Portal.

    The booking window for 2019 events will open in November.

  11. Registration

    All Passholders MUST register in advance in order to attend an Event.

    The only Events that do NOT require registration are the Wednesday Workshops.

    All other events, i.e Celebrity Success Summits, Nigel’s Masterclasses, The Implementor and Proper Implementation Journeys all require registration.

    Registrations must be made no less than 28 days in advance of an Event, except for Proper Implementation Journeys which can be registered for right up to the start date.

    There is no cost or charge for registering, providing it is done at least 28 days ahead of an Event.

    There will be a Registration Fee of £59 + VAT for late registrations i.e registrations less than 28 days ahead of an Event.

    Passholders do NOT have to register for Wednesday Workshops.

  12. Turning Up Without Booking or Registering

    Passholders and/or any individuals who turn up at events without prior booking or registration will be charged the full ticket price of the event which must be paid before entry.

  13. Registration Fees

    There are NO Registration Fees in 2019 providing passholders register to attend an Event at least 28 days in advance.

  14. Cancellation of Bookings/Registration:

    Cancellation of any places must be made, in writing (via email to [email protected]) OR online via the Booking portal, at least 28 days before an event you have registered for if you are unable to attend.

    There is no charge to cancel a place at any Event providing it is done in writing, as above, at least 28 days before the event is scheduled to take place.

    Failure to cancel at least 28 days in advance of an Event, will result in the Passholder becoming liable for a Late Cancellation/No Show Fee of £99 per person, per event.

  15. Late Cancellation / No Show Fees

    Each time you register to attend an Event, you will have to agree to the following Clause in order to process your registration:

    “I understand that I can cancel this booking up to 4 weeks in advance of the event with no penalty, however if I cancel the booking LESS THAN 4 weeks from the event, or I do not show up on the day then I will be charged a No Show fee of £99 +VAT.”

    Late Cancellation / No Show Fees will be charged automatically within 7 days of each Event and must be paid in full before the Passholder is able to attend any future Events.

    Any Late Cancellation / No Show Fees that are unpaid 28 days after they fall due will result in all access to EC events, livestreams and recordings being suspended until such time as all payments are brought up to date.

  16. Changes to Schedule

    We will endeavour, and it is our intention to adhere to the published schedule for all events but we reserve the right to change any aspect of these events at our absolute discretion, including, but not limited to, the celebrities, the trainers, course content, date and times if necessary.

    Illness, inclement weather and other unexpected issues may occasionally result in event rescheduling and/or a different trainer or speaker.

    No such changes will invalidate your Pass nor entitle you to any refund of any kind.

    In addition, Entrepreneurs Circle are not liable for consequential costs that Passholders may incur like, for example, any non-refundable hotel or travel costs in the event of any such changes having to be made.

  17. Cancellation of Unlimited Pass:

    Your Unlimited Pass is non-refundable regardless of attendance.

    You are able to cancel your pass if you want to, at any point during the year but any remaining instalments due or No Show Fees or Late Cancellation Fees outstanding at the time of cancellation must be paid in full.

    All benefits and features of the Pass will cease upon cancellation.

  18. Paying by Instalments:

    If you choose to pay for your Unlimited Pass by instalments you are contractually liable to pay all of these instalments in full, regardless of whether you choose to attend or participate in events or live stream or not.

    If any subsequent instalments fail then your access to book, attend or access live stream or recordings will be suspended until full payment is received.

    The Pass you have purchased is non-refundable and therefore you will be liable to make all of the instalment payments. If you choose to cancel your Pass all remaining instalments will immediately become due.

  19. Fees for Failed Payment and Late Payment

    Any instalment payments that fail or Late Cancellation/No Show Fees that are not paid on time will attract an Administration Fee of £50 + VAT per month for each payment being chased which you agree to pay.

  20. Franchises

    Franchisees are NOT eligible to attend courses or events as part of a Franchisors Unlimited Pass as they are not employees of the same company. Neither can they access Livestream or recordings of any event.

    However, separate arrangements can be made for Group access for franchised businesses and franchisors should contact us for details.

  21. Limitation of Liability

    We accept no responsibility or liability for the views or opinions expressed by trainers, facilitators, or other delegates at events.

    We accept no responsibility for anyone acting as a result of information or views expressed on our events or in our course material. Opinions expressed are those of individual trainers and not necessarily those of the Entrepreneurs Circle Ltd.

    Subject to matters which by law cannot be excluded, our maximum liability in connection with these Terms and Conditions will not exceed the purchase price of your Unlimited Pass.

    Entrepreneurs Circle Ltd has based its information and recommendations on experience but does not give any guarantee or warranty with regard to the impact of our training or information on sales volume, profitability or any other aspect of a Passholders business. Accordingly, no representation, warranty, inducement or promise, express or implied, has been made by Entrepreneurs Circle Ltd or relied upon by the Passholder in purchasing their Unlimited Pass

  22. Law

    These terms and conditions shall be governed by the law of England & Wales.