The Implementor is legendary amongst those that have been lucky enough to attend in the past.

At this 2-day event you’ll get to implement.

That’s the BIG difference between ‘The Implementor’ event and anything else you’ve ever been to.

You’ll get it done, you’ll do the work, make the changes, and start the ball rolling BEFORE you even get in the car and head home.

You’ll go away with lots implemented. Written. Set Up. Working. DONE!

Imagine no distractions, just 2 solid days, motivated by a team of highly energised experts who will support you in ticking off those tasks that you’ve wanted to get done for ages. You see, we have diff erent experts in every speciality that you’ll want to talk to that can make it all happen for you.

You’ll have the entire EC team on hand to help you begin I-M-P-L-E-M-E-N-T-I-N-G.

And when we say that you get the entire HQ team, that’s exactly what we mean. We’re going to be closing the office for two days for you on these events and decamping, en masse, to work with you on your business.

There’s nothing else like it and we’re running The Implementor THREE times in 2019 – all of which are included with your Unlimited EC Event Pass.