In this brand-new event, for the fi rst time ever, I’ll be going deep into the ways that seriously successful entrepreneurs manage their lives and provide you with the system I use that makes me one of the most productive men on the planet.

(I say that not to brag, but to alert you to what’s at stake by being part of this exceptional event.)

Most entrepreneurs are not fully effective.

Their days are chaotic. They’re in a whirlwind of activity, going from one thing to another, yet while all this ‘activity’ is going on, their business itself moves at a snail’s pace. So just like a hurricane, what they’re doing is creating chaos and devastation in the environment they control, but with little to no forward momentum.

This is the business owner who still buys into the idea that success comes from “hard work”.

What a grossly misleading and utterly damaging myth that is.

Of course, you have to work hard to be successful. I’ve never met a lazy, successful person in my life, and I’ve certainly never met a lazy business owner. So how come so many hard-working business owners are not getting their just rewards?

Well, it’s alarmingly simple.

They’re working hard at the “wrong” things. And when I say “wrong”, I mean ineff ective - activities that have little if any influence on improving results... or are a complete and utter waste of time, money and energy.

But this ‘loss of power’ happens gradually. Sneakily. By lots of subtle pressures, delegations of authority, compromises. A wearing down. Weight after weight added. ‘The fog of war’.

I’ve identified 15 disembowelling developments that turn potentially super-successful entrepreneurs into cowed, cowardly, creatively constipated, compromised, conformists - literally killing the drive that raised them up in the first place and ensuring that no matter how big the dream, it will never be realised.

And even successful entrepreneurs with big incomes can be softened, weakened, and confused.

This is critical stuff.

It’s the difference that makes the difference.

There’s a primal energy that makes an individual stand out from the crowd, magnetically attract favourable attention and co-operation and stokes confidence and creativity in their business.

There’s a primal energy that makes businesses rise, shine and thrive; powerful against competitive forces; attractive to customers and clients.

This energy emanates outward from its centre and, in a closed loop or ‘boomerang effect’, brings power to the person and the business.

This is the secret that explains why two seemingly identical people or businesses doing seemingly identical things get vastly different results.

But these 15 malignancies can be militantly fought off and prevented, once identified and understood.

Day 1 of the Successful Entrepreneurs Operating System deals with these 15 cancers in depth.

What they are. How they begin, grow, spread, and gradually wrestle control from you. How they cloud the mind, so that arguably the most important asset an entrepreneur can have - clarity - is impaired.

And then, on Day 2, we put in place the antidotes. The force-field that can protect you. The system that you can use to make you a fully paid up member of the Super Successful Entrepreneurs Club.

If you only invest two days in yourself next year – make it these.

Over the last seven years my ‘Advanced Trainings’ have brought about huge numbers of genuinely life-changing shifts. The EC is full of business owners whose lives and businesses pivoted from a moment on one of my courses.

Genuinely, I expect more life-changing shifts from these two days in January than from all my previous trainings combined.

You need to be there!

Ideally in-person – and if not, on the Livestream.