They’re called ‘journeys’ for a reason...

It’s all about taking you from complete beginner to seasoned pro through teaching, training, discovery, assignments, critiques, implementation and assessments.

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Pi stands for Proper Implementation, because that’s what these are all about.

Delivered entirely online via state-of-the-art Livestream our Proper Implementation Journeys are all about getting the right stuff done, right.

When you embark on any of these journeys you’ll fi nish with ‘the thing’ fully working-properly-in your business

We’ve identified half a dozen topics that NEED extended learning and practice in order to be embedded and implemented properly in a business – they can’t be ‘taught’ in a day.

There’ll normally be 7 livestream sessions in each Proper Implementation Journey, spread over 7-10 weeks, with each one lasting between one and two hours.

Most Pi sessions will set ‘Implementation Challenges’ for you to complete and you’ll be able to get relevant work critiqued as part of the Journey.

Proper Implementation Journeys are all included in your Unlimited EC Event Pass and they’re ideal for your staff too!

Each Proper Implementation Journey will run TWICE in 2019

The start dates for each are shown below:

Each one will run over 7-10 weeks.