There will be FOUR Celebrity Success Summits in 2019, one in each quarter, and they will be THE premier events for businesses in the UK next year, setting world-class standards for content, substance and guest experience.

These events are mega. Think of them as seriously upgraded EC ‘National Events’.

This is where you’ll discover the cutting edge insights, ideas, and breakthrough strategies that you need next year.

It’s where you’ll find the inspiration and motivation;

It’s where the EC community comes together;

And it’s also where you’ll get to meet and spend proper time with FOUR major, top-drawer, celebrities who each have wisdom and experience to share (in large amounts!).

What You Need To Know:

  • There’ll be plenty of chunky content from Nigel and his team.
  • The celebs will just be a part (albeit an important part!) of the day.
  • Our celebs will give a talk and there’ll be an in depth Q&A/interview as well. They’ll have lunch with VIP Passholders and there’ll be photo opportunities.
  • Each Summit will start at 7pm on the night before with a substantive, content-rich, presentation from Nigel.

[This content will be an integral part of the proceedings and, like the rest of the event, will be Livestreamed with a recording available to all Unlimited Passholders.]

  • The ‘Night-Before’ presentation will be followed by an informal Q&A with Nige and, of course, the bar will be open and you’ll be in the company of hundreds of your fellow EC’ers so plenty of opportunity to catch-up, network, make new contacts and do deals.
  • The 7:30am Breakfast Q&A the following morning will remain.
  • The ‘main event’ will start at 9:30am and finish around 5pm.

The Full Celebrity Success Summit Line-Up:

Think of these as a merging of all the best bits from EC National Events and the Celebrity Masterclasses

March Celebrity Success Summit:

Celebrity Guest: Sebastian Coe (Lord Coe)

7pm on Sunday 3rd March - 5pm on Monday 4th March

Not only one of our country’s top athletes, world-record holder and Olympic Gold medallist, but also the guy who led the bid for London 2012 and then the delivery of that hugely successful Olympic games. Loads to learn from him.

May Celebrity Success Summit:

Celebrity Guest: Lord Jeffrey Archer

7pm on Sunday 12th May - 5pm on Monday 13th May

Arguably the greatest living story-teller in the world and a man whose books have sold over 350 million copies (just think about that for a moment - 350 million - that’s more books than The Beatles sold records!) and made him a multi, multi-millionaire.

September Celebrity Success Summit:

Celebrity Guest: Jo Fairley

7pm on Sunday 15th Sept - 5pm on Monday 16th Sept

One of the UK’s leading female entrepreneurs. After becoming the UK’s youngest-ever national magazine editor, at the age of 23, she set out on her entrepreneurial journey in 1991 when she co-founded Green & Black’s Chocolate, now a $100 million a year brand.

November Celebrity Success Summit:

Celebrity Guest: Deborah Meaden

7pm on Sunday 24th Nov - 5pm on Monday 25th Nov

The final B-I-G event of the year, in November we’ll be joined by TV Dragon Deborah Meaden, someone who doesn’t ‘do’ corporate events but who’s coming to the EC for a day to share all her wisdom, insights and extensive experience of growing seriously successful businesses.

That’s quite a line-up, I’m sure you’ll agree, and each event will be crammed full of high quality, cutting edge content from me and my team to keep you miles ahead of your competition.

They’re all 100% included in your Unlimited EC Event Pass and if you can’t make it to Birmingham, no worries, because each session will be Livestreamed so you can get all the content without the travel if you prefer.